This reading group has the following participants (a Twitter list with all the participants is available here):

Amir Elion, Training Manager at Motorola Israel (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website)
I am in the training field for over 15 years. Always looking for new and better ways for doing things.
I love the Internet and am fascinated by the changes of the past decade.
I am also a continous learner of innovation and creativity issues, and occasionally also write about it.

Barry Sampson, Independent Consultant (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog)
I’m convinced that we need to embrace more virtual technologies for communication and learning, including virtual worlds. I’ve joined the reading group because if I’m honest, I’m slightly cynical about the use of 3D environments; not because I don’t think they have potential, but because I’ve seen so  many pointless examples!
About me…
I’m an independent consultant focussing on the use of web technologies to improve organisational learning, communication and performance.
I worked as a retail manager before a move into HR and then on to training and development, where I went from stand-up training delivery to training manager. Later as Learning Technology Manager at B&Q I worked on a number of award-winning elearning and blended learning programmes, and championed the adoption of emerging tools such as blogs and wikis (before we even knew what they were!).
As well as my independent work, I am a partner in an organisation called Onlignment which I run with @cliveshepherd and @philipgreen. I also work as an associate for Elearnity and Towards Maturity.
I’m also a board member at the eLearning Network (a UK based not for profit organisation promoting the use of technology in learning), where I look after the web presence and use of technology.
I’m a regular conference speaker on a wide range of subjects including web 2.0 technologies, social media and open source learning tools. I’ve also be working with Jane Hart to set up a new conference called Learning Camp, the first of which will take place in London in July 2010.

Ben Sijtsma, IT Innovation at Shell (LinkedIn)
I am an IT professional with a wide range of experience, both technical and managerial.

Denise Wilson, Manager of Learning Design and Development at Shell (LinkedIn)
I grew up in Muleshoe, Texas where my main interests were school and athletics, particularly basketball and golf. I was captain of the golf team at the University of North Texas (UNT) where I graduated in 1988 with a degree in Psychology. From UNT, I went to work for American Airlines for over 17 years until joining Shell. In 2002, while working full time for AA, I started D&D work for Shell as a contractor. In 2006, I left AA to join Shell full time as a Senior Learning Designer, based in Houston. In 2007, I became the Head of Design & Development in the Hague and moved into the role of Head of Learning Infrastructure in early 2009. Now, I’m back in my previous role as Manager of Learning Design & Development for Projects & Technology.

Ellen Wagner, Senior Analyst at Sage Road Solutions LLC (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Blog)
Ellen Wagner is Partner and Principal Analyst for Sage Road Solutions. She is responsible for industry intelligence and for the enablement services and solutions practices. She is also the Executive Director of WCET, a technical assistance and membership unit of the  US Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education.
Ellen is the former senior director of worldwide eLearning, Adobe Systems, Inc. and was senior director of worldwide education solutions for Macromedia, Inc. Prior to working in software solutions marketing and product development, Ellen was chief learning officer and director of education for Viviance new education, a Swiss-based elearning company with offices in 10 North American and European countries. She was chief learning officer and VP of consulting services for Informania, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Viviance.
Before joining the private sector, Ellen was a tenured professor and chair of the educational technology program at the University of Northern Colorado, and held a number of administrative posts, including Director of the Western Institute for Distance Education and Coordinator of Campus Instructional and Research Technologies, Academic Affairs.

Fred Prakken, Collaboration Consultant at Shell/Nam
I’m Collaboration Consultant for Shell in UI Europe and the reason for joing is the interest in virtual knowledge working.

Hanan Gazit, CEO at MetaverSense Ltd (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Blog)
I have been studying virtual worlds and video games interactions for over 10 years. Serving as MetaverSensed Ltd CEO founded in 2008, we offer professional virtual worlds and games development, design and consulting services for business branding, marketing, instruction and education for Israeli companies, organizations and institutes. We develop and manage “i-land”, an Israeli user generated 3D secured virtual island for Education and “BizAvatar” for Networking.
I joined the learning in 3D reading group since I think it is a great way to meet, learn and share ideas and stories with peers in an informal way around the new Web 2.0/ Metaverse firecamp.

Hans de Zwart, Innovation Manager Global Learning Technologies at Shell International (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog)
I work as an Innovation Manager Learning Technologies at Shell International.
I am a free software advocate with a complete fascination for (open) technology in general and the network effects of the Internet in particular. I have a deep experience in anything web, in the implementation of e-Learning systems and in pedagogy/teaching.

Jan Joost de Vries, JFT at Etine (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Blog)
I support people and companies in using new technologies in education.

John May, Learning Strategy Consultant at Capgemini Academy (LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog)
Combining technology with education and learning innovates the current learning culture in organisations. I like to work on the edge of (former) knowledge management and education to transfer this into one new learning environment. Social networks and workplace learning are key issues.

Lawrence O’Connor, Independent Learning Technology Services Consultant at Wisdom Architects (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Blog)
Having worked as a learning technology professional for the best part of 20 years, I am persuing an agenda to positively disrupt corporate learning technology practices and to contribute to the 3rd wave of learning within society whereby every cafe, train carriage, cubicle and bus queue can effectively be an academy or symposium for any individual wishing to develop themselves.
I am also working on defining the components and methodology of an ‘architecture’ of wisdom e.g. Increased probability of ‘collision between expertise/experience and opportunity’.

Marcel Vester, Advisor Learning Strategy & Innovation at Shell (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Living together with Annette, father of two kids: Bruno & Rens.
Especially interested in anything related to Personal  & Organisational Effectiveness, Strategy Development, Process Improvement, Change Management.

Peter van Rosmalen, Associate Professor – Research at Open Universiteit Nederland (LinkedIn)
“Innovator”, active in educational technology and knowledge management since the early eighties both for the financial sector, government, universities and for large industrial companies in the Netherlands and Denmark. Since, involved in many innovation and European research projects on topics such as authoring tools for intelligent courseware, simulations, establishing a company-wide computer supported learning infrastructure, e-universities and computer supported cooperative learning, adaptive e-learning, language learning, virtual expertise centres and networks, personal competence development. Always from the perspective to bring together people, technology, and functionality and to explore and foster communication between people with a different background. My current work is focussed on Learning Networks, i.e. communities of professional engaged in non-formal learning activities.
My interests are twofold, i.e. the book itself but also, in particular, how the reading group evolves and what and how it influences our learning.

Rob de Rijke, Advisor Blended Learning and Design at Shell (LinkedIn, Twitter)
I’m Rob de Rijke and I work for the Design and Development team at the Shell Learning Centre in Rijswijk.
Before my Shell life I got a Bsc as a teacher primary education. I was teaching 4-12 year olds for about 4 years. I then decided not to be a teacher for the rest of my life but learn some more about my passion which is IT Technology and how Technology can support learning.
Reason why I joined this reading group is because I love exploring social Internet Technologies and how they can benefit learning.

Ron Dvir, Director at Innovation Ecology (LinkedIn, Website)
Hello, I am very interested in the art and practice of innovation centers in general and future centers in particular. Would love to play with the following idea: is it possible to create an effective 3d virtual innovation center?
This is the first reason I joined the group. The 2nd reason: would like to experiment for the first time with virtual reading group activity.
About myself:
Dr. Ron Dvir is the founder of Innovation Ecology
Expert: Future Centers Planning, Innovation Engines, Innovation Systems, Knowledge Management
Teach: Knowledge Management, Innovation Engines
PhD. Intellectual Capital Management, MsC. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Hobby: Tom, Bar, Peleg, Tzlil (my children)
Was: Chief Knowledge Officer, ECI Telecom
Passionate about : embedding art into scientific and business work/world
Editor and architect of the OpenFutures Operating system, co-editor: For value to knowledge – unfolding the innovation cube, co-editor: are you ready to Disrupt IT – an illustrated guide to disruptive innovation
Research: NIMCube, Disrupt-IT, Wear-IT, Rodeo, Symphony, KnowledgeBoard 2, OpenFutures
Co-organizer: Future Center Summits 5 Dutch FCs, Leonardo Exploration tour, co-organizer: KnowledgeBoard Contactivity events, Amsterdam and Greenwich
In OpenFutures: operating system architect, Physical Perspective
One more thing:  My dream is to sail around the world

Ronald In’t Velt, IT Specialist at Shell (LinkedIn, Twitter)
I am an all-round IT designer / consultant / architect / everything, involved in a Serious Gaming pilot at Shell.  We need to understand what the challenges and possibilities of learning in Serious Games (3D) are, which is why this book and this reading group interests me.  I hope to gain insights in 3D learning, both from the book and from others in the reading group.

Roy van Bussel, Owner at Robus-systems (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website)
Hi, I am Roy van Bussel and I am working as a teacher in an technical school for 20 hours. Beside that I am working at my own company (Robus-systems) where I try to make cool stuf for educational applications. At the moment I am working on a project where I am developing a serious game for technical education (Mechanical Engineering). I am looking for the “right information” how to manage that. I hope that I find relevant information in this book and that I “meet” intesting people where I can debate with about “learning in 3D”. I hope that we can help each other to get right information.

Stylianos Mystakidis, e-learning Manager at University of Patras (LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Blog)
Husband of a unique woman, Dad of 3 lovely daughters, University intrapreneur, Passionate learner & trainer, e-learning Manager, Web 2.0 expert, Edtech evangelist, Social media strategist, Open education advocate, Unconventional web developer.
I joined the RG because many minds think better than one!

Willem Manders, Manager Learning Strategy & Innovation at Shell (LinkedIn)
Hi. I am in Shell responsible for the learning strategy and innovation. I have joined this group as I am interested to learn more about the opportunities for learning in 3D. Specifically interested in the benefits and potential challenges. Looking forward to further co-reading.

Wouter Weiss, eLearning Business Analyst at Shell (LinkedIn, Website)
Learning Professional at Shell with a passion for learning technology. Focus on e-learning deployment, SCORM, LCMS and e-learning authoring tools.
My other, even bigger passion, is playing my saxophones (Soprano, Alto and Tenor). My gigs with both my band and DJ’s do relief me from normal life and are my biggest energizers!

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