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Dear everybody,

The following, enclosed expert consultation may be of interest of you.

It is closely related to the ideas described on “generative learning” in the “Learning in 3D” book. It is not 3D but does focus on essential aspects as co-creation and collaboration. In case you are interested or if you think that it is of interest of the other members of the Reading Group, please feel free to contact Marlies

Best regards,
Peter van Rosmalen

Dear Sir, Madam,

With this letter we kindly invite you to participate in an electronic brainstorm session focussing on the enhancement of creativity in organisations. To guide our work on computer based creativity support we ask you to share your experiences in a (so called Delphi) expert consultation.

A Delphi expert consultation consists of a systematic idea exchange.[1]  We would be glad if you could participate in two online sessions with a select group of ca 10-15 experts from academia and industry, to share your experiences and insights on creative practices in organizations.

This expert consultation is organised in the context of a European project, idSpace http://www.idspace-project.org/ .This project aims at the development of a prototypical platform to facilitate collaborative creativity in distributed work sessions.
For us your insight will be very valuable for the continuation of our work. For you the contact with other experts, the preview of the idSpace platform and the Delphi results might be interesting.

We have organized the (Delphi) sessions in and electronic format so that it easily fits into your agenda. The whole Delphi will take about 3 hours of time, during a period of less than 2 weeks. You don’t need to be on line at a specific meeting time of the day. You can decide yourself when this activity suits you best.

As for the planning of this Delphi there is the following option:
*       Between the 1st  and 6th  of June

During this period we will ask you to formulate as many statements as possible regarding core questions asked.  We hope to explore and reflect with you on your ideas on creative practices and needs of your organizations, today and in the near future (in the 1st session). Further on (in the 2nd session) we will focus on the usefulness of supportive tooling and explore how idSpace tries to enhance creativity.
In return for sharing your expertise with us during this meetings we will offer you a community space to further discuss these and other issues with the other expert team members during one month after the end of the Delphi session. In addition we provide you with  a summary report of the findings.

After your positive reaction to our invitation you will received a mail explaining the procedure. We will ensure your privacy. Data from the study will be abstracted and anonymous.

We are looking forward to a hopefully positive reaction.

Please mail us (latest 24 May) whether you accept our invitation for the session. For further questions mail marlies.bitter AT ou.nl or phone her at +31(0)45-5762636

On behalf of the idSpace eDelphi team[2]

Yours faithfully,
Marlies Bitter-Rijpkema

For further information
on CELSTEC: http://celstec.org/content/about-celstec
on the Open University of  http://www.ou.nl

1) Delphi study refers to a systematic interactive gathering of information via a panel of representative experts.
2) The e Delphi team, Marlies Bitter, Jo Boon, Slavi Stoyanov, Kees Pannekeet, Wim Slot.

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